Release Schedule

A lot of you may be wondering what the release schedule for 80legs looks like.  We thought it would be best to put a post detailing it as best we could.  This schedule is subject to change, but we plan on moving as quickly as possible through it.  Also, please note that because 80legs is a web-scale platform, it can be difficult to predict potential technical challenges when it comes to scaling and other issues.  Because of this, there may be times during the beta that the platform is down.  Any downtime just means we are working as furiously as possible to improve the back-end.

  • Week of March 30th: Launch the beta.  The initial release will allow crawling and content matching.  All interaction will be done through a web portal.  During the first 1-2 weeks of the beta, 80legs will be completely free to use, but the maximum size of crawls will be limited while we work out any bugs we didn’t catch during internal testing.
  • Mid-April: Begin charging for use of 80legs.  Substantially increase the limit on crawl size, eventually removing any limitations.  Customers will be charged $2.00 per million pages crawled (MPC) and $0.03 per CPU-hr used for analysis.  Crawling will most likely be charged first, while charges for analysis will be introduced shortly afterward.
  • Late April/Early May: Allow custom analysis via the processPage() function (as described on the website).
  • May: Begin implementing additional functionality for analysis, such as posting data to web pages, accessing flash movies, etc.

As the schedule changes, we’ll put up new posts showing the revised timeline.  Hope this helps!

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