Released 0.82 – the improvements keep coming!

We’ve just pushed out 0.82.  Improvements and changes include:

  • Smarter URL selection for larger crawls
  • Sandbox jobs run automatically and the user gets access to stdout from their 80App
  • Domain throttling information in the portal
  • Time estimates shown in the portal
  • Crawled result files additions:
    • page size
    • parse time in milliseconds
    • process time in milliseconds
    • compute timeouts get COMPUTE_TIMEOUT_GOOD or COMPUTE_TIMEOUT_BAD
  • Several improvements for large job performance
  • User can specify data for the jar upload which gets passed into the initialize() during the validation test
  • Fixed problem with multiple Loading Code errors
  • Improved default link parsing
  • Better web portal login behavior

As usual, we’ve started working on the next release already, which will have things like:

  • Allowing larger crawls
  • Allowing larger seed lists
  • Creating result files on the fly

Check out for all the details!

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