On Microsoft & Yahoo

As several sources reported yesterday, Microsoft and Yahoo put together a deal whereby Microsoft will use Bing to power Yahoo search, while Yahoo will take over the advertising on all search results.  Overall, we feel that this is a good thing, assuming it does create a more viable challenger to Google.  While we’re fully vested in the success of companies using 80legs to power their own search technologies, we feel Bing represents the best opportunity to get consumers used to thinking of alternative when it comes to search.  Right now your average person only thinks of one thing when it comes to search (Google) and he doesn’t even consider any alternatives (niche, deep web, semantic, etc.).  Bing has been able to put some good-sized chinks in Google’s armor, and that will help in the entire industry.

One interesting side issue is what will happen to all the efforts Yahoo has engaged in to help the search community, such as SearchMonkey, BOSS, etc.  From what we can gather, the fate of this products is sort of up in the air right now.  My guess is that they stay alive, as both Microsoft and Yahoo probably realize they need as many people taking on Google as possible.

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