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Using 80legs to defend Shepard Fairey

You may have heard that Shepard Fairey, creator of this iconic Obama portrait, is being sued by the AP over the basis of his work.

The AP claims that Shepard improperly used a photo one of their photographers took of Obama, pictured here:

Obama Photo

I recently came across a blog post on one my favorite blogs asking for readers to submit similar photos to the one shown above.  The idea is that if enough similar photos are shown, Shepard clearly could not have copied someone else’s work, as the image is a fairly common one.  This struck me as a great way to use 80legs.  Let’s say you wrote an image analysis algorithm that could compare the similarity of the photo above to any other photo on the web.  Once 80legs is released, you could take this algorithm, drop it into the 80legs platform, and quickly find all similar images.  You could potentially find *every* similar image.

It would be pretty cool to see the look on the plaintiffs’ faces when they see thousands or millions of images resembling the one they own!


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